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ASI disimpan dengan makanan lain, bolehkah?

From: smanurung
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 2:22 PM
Subject: [sehat] (Tanya:) ASI disimpan dengan makanan lain, bolehkah?

Dear SPs yang baik,

Mau tanya masalah ASI. Dikantorku 1 lantai hanya ada 1 kulkas, jadi
otomatis pakenya rame-rame deh. Nah masalahnya, bolehkah ASI yang aku peras
selama di kantor, aku taro di frezer barengan dengan makanan lain (sosis
misalnya). Karena kalau mau melarang teman-teman 1 lantai menyimpan
belanjaannya, khan ngga enak, karena kulkasnya inventaris kantor, otomatis
milik rame-rame.

SPs ada yang bisa bagi pengalaman dengan aku? Thanks before........

Jawab :

From: Luluk Lely Soraya I
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 2:46 PM
Subject: Re: [sehat] (Tanya:) ASI disimpan dengan makanan lain, bolehkah?

Dear Mbak Grace,

Kalo dari segi safety-nya sebetulnay gak masalah sama sekali.
Dan tidak ada perlakuan khusus utk penyimpanan ASI peras di kulkas.
Artinya gak masalah sama sekali mbak.

Yg penting wadah tempat menyimpan ASI harus tertutup rapat dg baik. Kalo
gak tertutup rapat, maka jelas aroma dari makanan akan tercampur kan:)

Dulu pas masih menyusui dan harus pergi keluar kota, saya sering nyimpen
ASI peras saya di freezer pantry di hotel.
Jadi satu ama bahan makanan lain, dan gak masalah sama sekali.

Saya posting juga artikel berikut.
Semoga membantu

Common Concerns When Storing Human Milk

Storing Milk Away from Home

A lactating mother should face no restrictions storing her milk somewhere
other than her own home, such as a workplace or day-care refrigerator. No
special precautions apply. If an employed mother does encounter resistance
from co-workers, it may be lessened if the milk is placed in an opaque,
secondary container, suggests Laurie Nommsen- Rivers in the Journal of
Human Lactation (1997). There are several sources of information a mother
can use to educate others not only about the benefits of human milk but to
alleviate any concerns they may have about safe storage of a "body fluid."

In an Oct. 1995 press release, the Center for Breastfeeding Information at
LLLI stated, "As of this date, human milk is not (nor has it ever been)
included in federal health agencies' listings of body fluids governed by
universal precautions for blood borne pathogens which would mandate
handling and feeding with rubber gloves or storage in a separate
refrigerator as a biohazardous material. This continues to be the current
policy of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)." Other
countries have considered the idea of universal precautions, however,
"specifics regarding breast milk are hard to find," according to

"Caring for Our Children," a 1992 joint publication by the American
Academy of Pediatrics  and the American Public Health Association (with
input from the Human Milk Banking  Association  of North America), offers
guidelines for out-of-home child care programs. This work recognizes,
supports, and promotes the feeding of human milk to infants in day care
and places no restrictions beyond regular hand washing and standard
refrigeration protocols. "Caring for Our Children" is available from: AAP
Publications Dept, P.0. Box 927, Elk Grove Village IL 60009-0927. Phone:
800-433-9016; FAX: 708-228-1281.

Mothers who are separated from their babies may have many other questions
and concerns beyond milk storage, including easing separation for both
mother and baby, pumps and pumping, manual (hand) expression, or making a
return to work easier. THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING and LLL Leaders
can be valuable resources for these considerations.


March 21, 2006 - Posted by | Q&A/ Sharing ASI

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