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WBW-Talk to me! Breastfeeding – a 3D Experience

  • Talk to me! Breastfeeding – a 3D Experience

    WABA is pleased to announce the World Breastfeeding Week theme for 2011 focusing on engaging and mobilising youth intergenerational work with the catchy slogan of: “Talk to me! Breastfeeding – a 3D Experience”. The theme deals with communication at various levels and between various sectors.

  • Why 3D?

    When we look at breastfeeding support, we tend to see it in two-dimensions: time (from pre-pregnancy to weaning) and place (the home, community, health care system, etc). But neither has much impact without a THIRD dimension – communication!

    Communication is an essential part of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding. We live in a world where individuals and global communities connect across small and great distances at an instant’s notice. New lines of communication are being created every day, and we have the ability to use these information channels to broaden our horizons and spread breastfeeding information beyond our immediate time and place to activate important dialogue.

    This third dimension includes cross-generation, cross-sector, cross-gender, and cross-culture communication and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience, thus enabling wider outreach.

Press Release
World Breastfeding Week (WBW) 2011
1-7 August 2011
Feeding the Future
From 1-7 August 2011, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), and breastfeeding
advocates in more than 170 countries worldwide will be celebrating World Breastfeeding Week (WBW)
for the 19th year with the theme “Talk to Me! Breastfeeding – a 3D Experience”.
As global exclusive breastfeeding rates continue to rise, we may wonder – why talk about breastfeeding?
Isn’t it a normal, physiological process? The reality is that most talk is confined within the health care
and related spheres. WABA’s call to action is for celebrants to reach beyond these borders, in new
ways, and include traditionally un-involved parties, such as young people, to join in WBW.
This year’s celebration is spearheaded by some of the breastfeeding movement’s newest faces along
with several veteran champions. In association with the United Nation’s International Year of Youth,
WABA commissioned a dedicated group of young people to carry out the United Nation’s call to action
and create awareness, mobilize and engage, connect and build bridges across generations, cultures,
religions, and civilizations” on breastfeeding.1 Youth account for about 18% of the world’s population
and are therefore an invaluable sector to ally with in any public health movement2.
The “3D” theme is about looking at the dimensions of our lives – things happen at a time and place,
but communication is what makes our experiences so robust. The theme speaks to everyone, and the
young copywriters have added a vibrant lens to encourage young people to activate and take part in this
global campaign. Using our own voices, we can talk to others about why breastfeeding matters, not only
for health and well-being, but also for the environment, for women’s rights, and for social advancement.
“Our generation is looking for opportunities to make a difference, to be included in dialogue that can
impact our future world, and to pursue our dreams as learners for life.”says WABA YOUth intern and
coordinator, Kathy Houng. Another young advocate, Phan Bich Ngan says, “as a young person I want
to contribute to the global breastfeeding movement! Not only do I need to learn more about
breastfeeding, but I need to make sure I talk to my friends and family and help them when needed”.
To kick-off WBW in a youthful way, WABA has created the first WBW global flashmob titled Feed
the Future! Working with a young lyricist and music producer, an original song “Stand Up Everybody”
was written and steps created by a young choreographer. We are calling on communities across the
world to mobilize their networks and join together in the flashmob and support breastfeeding! Penang,
with the leadership of the WABA Secretariat and the Mother to Mother Peer Support group, will be
holding the first flashmob during WBW on 7 August with hundreds of young people already preparing
to make a storm!
Let’s bring the dialogue to life and make this year’s WBW a truly “3D” experience – an opportunity for
outreach, an investment in a healthy future, and a unifying lens through which to see the world.
For further information:
Julianna Lim Abdullah, IBCLC
International WBW Coordinator
Tel: (604) 658 4816
Fax: (604) 657 2655
1. ( Background on International Year of Youth).
2 ( International Year of Youth Press Release)


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